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About us

  • Brand4U is a unique platform for international shoppers travelling to Europe. We tend to be a personal stylist, a buyer and a guide throughout boutiques and brands.
  • Being a global online brand ambassador for the partner stores and boutiques, Brand4U targets perfect clients for each trademark, wins the customers and increases the sales profit.
  • With offices in key shopping destinations (more than 20 cities, 5 countries – United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France) Brand4U has been a connection between shoppers and boutiques, making perfect matches and offering brand new opportunities in a fashion world.
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  • Recognition

    We integrate your company into Brand4U App, take care of your reputation as our own and do all our best to make you a celebrity. Our users will be able to discover your brand profile, and search for essential products using the App.

  • Loyalty

    We introduce you to the clients face-to-face. With our App you can learn the culture and preferences of travelers to meet their needs and offer exactly what they’re looking for. We will remind them of all your hot deals, discounts and new arrivals just in the right time.

  • Success

    Knowing all the preferences of every user and matching them with your offers, we will invite customers to your nearest store with an integrated map. The only thing left is to show Brand4U App and get loyalty credits – this is how you can evaluate our collaboration.

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How it works

  • You sign a contract to start our partnership
  • We add your store geolocation into our mobile app
  • We add your items into Brand4U app
  • All clients-users can locate your store and buy goods online via Brand4U app
  • A client shows Brand4U app at your store
  • You identify a client and send an invoice to Brand4U
  • A client gets bonuses from Brand4U in the end of the month

Our platform

We offer a cross-functional online platform which is available for mobile and desktop devices.
Pick one to enjoy the shopping


  • Branded counters
  • Staffing/promoters
  • POS
  • Onboard
Travel companies and agencies
  • Visa centres
  • Hotels
  • Concierge companies
  • Mobile partners

Outdoor and indoor media, print, digital and mobile:

  • Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Online travel booking portals
  • Announcements, leaflets, ads
Join Brand4U

Being our partner

Complimentary lifetime membership
New approach to personal shopping
Ongoing feedback from the customers
Personal Account Manager
Free promo and advertising campaigns
Additional coverage across our websites, social media, newsletters and B4U platforms
Regular communication with luxury shoppers worldwide
Informing users of new arrivals, hot deals, special offers, discounts, boutique openings 24/7
No effort to be made – only fruitful sales

Our partners

Brand4U is a luxury fashion whale having direct relationship with stores, boutiques, chain retailers, designers and high-end brands. Our portfolio includes in-demand fashion, jewelry and watch brands such as Armani, Balmain, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Montblanc etc. By the way, our partner network is constantly growing.

We do believe in a brand new progressive approach to personal shopping and do our best to win the customers for every single store.

Aiming to provide a top-notch service we have offices in more than 20 fashion cities among 5 countries – United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France with further expansion. We are catching up with fashion world hot news and communicate both with our partners and clients.

Brands 4 you

Contact us

Brand4U Limited
Oracle House, 8-12 Welbeck Way,
London, England, W1G 9YL
phone: +442071933582